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Instructions for Delivering Stock Certificates You Hold

You can deliver stock certificates that you hold either by mail or in person.

Bequest Language

  1. Send your unendorsed securities by registered mail to:

    The Kansas University Endowment Association
    Attention: Treasurer
    P.O. Box 928
    Lawrence, KS 66044-0928

  2. In a separate envelope, send to the above address, by regular mail:
    • a signed stock power form for each security
    • a note giving your name, address and phone number
    • the name of the KU Endowment fund to be credited OR the purpose of the gift.
    • Sign the forms exactly as the name or names appear on the security. The signatures should be guaranteed by a bank or broker so that transfer requirements can be met later.

  3. Mail both envelopes on the same day. The date of delivery for gift credit purposes will be determined by the postmarks.

Delivery in person

To personally deliver your securities to KU Endowment, make an appointment to meet with a KU Endowment representative at a time and location convenient for you. You can meet with the representative at your home or office, at one of KU Endowment’s offices in Lawrence, Kansas City or Wichita, or at another location. Please call KU Endowment at 785-832-7400 or 800-444-4201 to make an appointment.

The date of the gift for gift credit purposes will be the date upon which personal delivery occurs if the securities are fully assigned.

For More Info

Please contact

Stacy Nuss

Vice President, Investments and Assistant Treasurer
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