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Areas of Support

Academic Medical Center
Academic Medical Center - Unrestricted Support
Unrestricted Support

Unrestricted gifts support KU Medical Center’s greatest needs and opportunities through the Greater KU Medical Center Fund. They help advance some of the university’s highest priorities: scholarships and fellowships; faculty research and initiatives; international engagement; and university programs and events. In short, these gifts allow the university to direct funds where no other support exists and enhance everything that makes KU a world-class institution.

Nell Lucas
Vice President, Medical Development
Lawrence Campus
Alumni Association

When you contribute to the KU Alumni Association, you’re helping us inform, engage and mobilize the entire KU community. With more than 45,000 members worldwide, we represent the “human capital” that influences positive change for KU. Thanks to your partnership, our voice will continue to ring far and wide. Rock Chalk!

Angie Storey
Assistant Vice President, Development
Academic Medical Center
Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
Centers & Institutes

The University of Kansas Alzheimer’s research program was established in 2004 and received the prestigious national designation as a National Institutes of Health (NIH) Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center in 2011, one of only 31 nationally designated Alzheimer’s Disease Centers. Led by director Dr. Russell Swerdlow and co-director Dr. Jeffrey Burns, the Center strives to provide cutting-edge treatment and research opportunities, as well as support and provide educational opportunities to caregivers and families. Support for the Center will help it maintain status as a national leader in clinical trials. These include testing broad strategies ranging from lifestyle interventions, such as diet and exercise, to the latest potential drug therapies.

Nell Lucas
Vice President, Medical Development
Celeste Greenlee
Development Director, Neurosciences
Lawrence Campus
Architecture & Design
When you make a gift for the School of Architecture & Design, you’re helping to provide a world-class education for Jayhawks. Through our broad spectrum of programs, we offer a variety of opportunities for students to excel and become leaders in their fields.
Clint Paugh
Architecture and Design Development
Lawrence Campus

The University of Kansas athletics programs have enjoyed a long, proud tradition. Athletics play a key role in the total experience of university life and serve as a rallying point for students, faculty, alumni and fans. As members of the Williams Education Fund within Kansas Athletics, donors provide academic and athletic support for the student-athletes who proudly wear the crimson and blue.

Adam Sikes
Athletics Development
Lawrence Campus
Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum
Libraries & Museums

Your support for the University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute enables researchers to study the life of the planet and train the next generation of scientists, while caring for growing, world-renowned collections of plant, animal, fossil and cultural specimens. The institute, including the KU Natural History Museum, shares its discoveries through research, collections, public exhibits and educational programming for all ages.

Michael Arp
Assistant Vice President,
Lawrence Development
Lawrence Campus
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences is the Heart of KU, with opportunities for students to explore introductory courses or dive into an immersive exploration of the humanities. The College enrolls about 60 percent of all students on the Lawrence campus — more than any other school. We provide the technical skills employers seek while also teaching the “soft skills” that make our graduates valuable additions to their employers. Your gift can make a transformative difference in the educational foundation for KU students, offering them a broad set of knowledge and skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. Visit the College website
Sheri Hamilton
College Development Director & Team Lead
Conor Taft
College Development
Joshua Windholz
College Development
Richard Floersch
College Development
Lawrence Campus
Dole Institute of Politics
Centers & Institutes

The Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics is unique among political institutions because it emphasizes the importance of bipartisanship, respect for other points of view and civil discourse. The Dole Institute, dedicated in 2003, is modeled on a presidential library, including museum galleries and the Dole Archive and Special Collections. It is located on KU’s West Campus.

“During our 20th anniversary year, the Dole Institute continues to distinguish itself as a unique and much-needed forum for civil discussion and bipartisan perspective on politics, policy, and leadership,” says Director Audrey Coleman.

Your gift will help us continue to celebrate public service and the legacies of U.S. Senators Bob Dole and Elizabeth Dole through free public programming, educational outreach, civic engagement, and student leadership opportunities.

Lynate Pettengill
Director, Dole Institute Development
Edwards Campus / Overland Park
Edwards Campus
The KU Edwards Campus specializes in providing best-in-class academic programs to meet the needs of transfer, nontraditional, and adult learners. With your support, the campus will continue to grow its undergraduate programs and evolve to meet the challenges of the future. Visit the Edwards Campus website.
Scott Zerger
Corporate and Foundation Development
Lawrence Campus
General Scholarships
Unrestricted Support

Each year, more than 8,100 students receive privately funded scholarships from KU Endowment funds.

KU general scholarships support incoming freshmen and students transferring to KU from community colleges.

School or department-specific scholarships benefit students in KU’s schools, departments or programs such as Study Abroad and the debate team.

Scholarships for residents of scholarship halls assist the academically talented students living in one of KU’s 12 cooperative residences.

To hear testimonials from scholarship recipients visit our video gallery.

If you're interested in supporting student scholarships, please click here.

Abbey Ambrose
Scholarship Development & Team Lead
Kevin Kelly
Scholarship Support
Avery Miller
Scholarship Development
Make A

 Support your passion by making a gift that impacts the lives of students, faculty, patients, and researchers for generations to come. On their behalf, we thank you for your generosity.

You’re invited to help us create a future where students have uncommon educational experiences, researchers make life-affirming discoveries, and together, we change the world for the better. Ever Onward we go into a future of infinite possibilities.