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Advancement Board


Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee is composed of leaders of the University of Kansas, KU Medical Center, The University of Kansas Health System, and KU Endowment. The committee empowers the Advancement Board to exercise its valued advisory role to advance the interests of the KU academic medical center and is responsible for approving the Advancement Board strategic plan, bylaws, leadership and membership. 

Executive Committee

Jane Henney, MD, Chair

The Executive Committee is composed of the officers of the Advancement Board and the chairpersons of the four standing committees. 

Board Development Committee

Dean Newton, Chair | Paul Neidlein, Vice Chair

The Board Development Committee is responsible for soliciting, evaluating, and recommending to the Executive Committee nominations for new members, Lifetime and Emeritus members, officers, and committee leaders. The committee also develops appropriate tools to review the activities and success of the Board and each of its members. 

Community Affairs Committee

Kay Martin, Chair | Lynn Carlton, Vice Chair

The Community Affairs Committee increases Advancement Board member and community awareness of the academic medical center’s programs, successes, and priorities. The committee assists in the identification of topic areas, and the execution of of various programs and events designed to reach Board members and their networks, with priority emphasis on engaging the audiences of: donors and potential donors, former and potential patients, corporate leaders, elected officials, and community influencers.

Government Affairs Committee

Jason Dalen, Chair | Awais Sufi, Vice Chair

The Government Affairs Committee assists at the local, state, and federal level, as appropriate, in efforts to increase governmental awareness, understanding and involvement in the needs and programs of the academic medical center. The committee may, as appropriate, assist in efforts to effect desirable changes in laws, rules, and regulations affecting The University of Kansas Health System and the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Marketing Committee

Sam Porritt, Chair | Sonia Garapaty, Vice Chair

The Marketing Committee partners with staff to enhance strategies that support the priorities of the academic medical center and expand branding of the Advancement Board. The committee also serves as a sounding board for staff by offering feedback and suggestions to improve messaging and overall strategic direction for the academic medical center marketing priorities and the Advancement Board. 

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