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Women Philanthropists

The Women Philanthropists for KU are focused on engaging and educating women and the community about the University of Kansas.

KU Women for KU Women

KU students are the leaders of tomorrow. Too often, students experience emergencies or other situations resulting in unanticipated expenses that challenge their ability to complete their studies.

To help address the needs of these students, the Women Philanthropists for KU established the KU Women for KU Women Fund, which provides grants for women who are KU seniors and graduate students experiencing financial hardship. These grants help women to remain at KU and graduate.

From Aleah H., a former KU Women for KU Women Fund recipient:

“I was out of resources and I couldn’t do it, but for the funding that the Women Philanthropists for KU and the Endowment Association made possible. The financial assistance I was given access to was a lifeline, during a very challenging and difficult time for me and my family. And I am so very grateful, so grateful, because now I am on track to finish next spring.

Mine is just one story, out of many students, that this philanthropy organization has served, but on behalf of all award winners and recipients, please permit me to say, that with every gift and donation you bestow, understand that you effectively become a coauthor of another student’s success story.”

It often takes only a small boost to give a student the support they need to strive for. Join us in supporting these students by making a donation to the KU Women for KU Women Fund.

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