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Senior Class Gifts

Since 1873, graduates have left their legacy at KU by participating in one of the oldest traditions on the Hill.


What is KU Endowment?
KU Endowment is the official fundraising foundation for the University of Kansas. Our mission is to partner with donors in providing philanthropic support to build a greater KU. We are proud of our history and core values. Relationships are developed with alumni, parents, students, faculty and staff, corporations and foundations, and friends of KU. Through those relationships, the individuals and groups remain involved with KU and are able to determine ways and means of supporting KU philanthropically.

What is annual giving?
Annual giving is a term that refers to gifts made each year in support of ongoing university operations. These gifts provide resources for financial aid, student services, lab and classroom equipment, academic programs, building renovations and other immediate needs.

What is an unrestricted gift, and why is it important?
Unrestricted gifts to annual giving are those given without any limitations on their use. Because of their inherent flexibility, these gifts enable the university to take advantage of unexpected opportunities and meet unforeseen needs. They strengthen KU in every facet, including: outstanding teaching, student scholarships, promising research and innovative programs.

Why should I participate in the Senior Class Gift Campaign? Why does KU need alumni support?
The generosity of alumni and friends influences the very fabric of KU, helping the university advance the frontiers of knowledge. The KU campus didn’t just appear; it exists in its present form because of the generous support of countless individuals and groups that came before you.

What does my contribution to the Senior Class Gift Campaign support?
Your gift supports KU’s areas of greatest need, including scholarships, student services, faculty, research and the Cancer Center. When you make a gift, you are helping to create lasting connections among past, present and future Jayhawks.

I paid tuition in full. Why should I give back when I never received financial aid?
Tuition does not cover the full cost to attend KU; it covers only about 19% of the full cost. So, even when you pay full tuition, KU significantly subsidizes your education and can only do so through the generosity of past and present donors.

How much should I contribute to my Senior Class Gift Campaign?
We are asking all graduating seniors to make a donation of $20.21 to the annual fund of their choosing, in honor of a professor, administrator, friend or parent who has had a positive effect on their college career.

How can your gift of $20.21 have an impact?
Every gift counts. Giving is about participation, and participation is an important measure of alumni satisfaction and confidence in KU. Your gift, no matter the size, shows gratitude for the education you received and support for the students and faculty who follow you.

How do I make a gift to my class?
Online or by phone or mail.

Make A

 Support your passion by making a gift that impacts the lives of students, faculty, patients, and researchers for generations to come. On their behalf, we thank you for your generosity.

You’re invited to help us create a future where students have uncommon educational experiences, researchers make life-affirming discoveries, and together, we change the world for the better. Ever Onward we go into a future of infinite possibilities.