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University of Kansas Launches Historic Campaign 
Valerie Gieler
Ever Onward: Toward Infinite Possibility

Have you ever wondered where the awakening of an idea comes from? And how it grows into something more? To name this historic campaign, the University of Kansas once again turned to a well-known refrain with the power to stir hearts, excite spirits and inspire friends and friends-yet-to-be to clasp arms, sway to the music and sing together: Crimson and the Blue.



Inspired beginning

Launched with a Rock Chalk celebration of KU spirit, Ever Onward is the largest capital campaign in the history of the University of Kansas, The University of Kansas Health System and Kansas Athletics. With a goal of raising $2.5 billion in support by 2028, the campaign matches passion with purpose, forging the path toward a better tomorrow. University leaders are united in their vision, and KU is poised for a trajectory with boundless limits — our momentum has never been greater.

KU alumni and friends are championing the cause and rallying support. Campaign co-chairs Howard and Debbie Cohen, Greg and Deanna Graves, and Dave and Dee Dillon see this as an opportunity to pay forward what the university did for them.

“I urge each and every one of you to embrace this campaign with an open heart and an unwavering spirit,” Cohen said. “Be the spark that ignites change. Be the voice of future students and patients and be the beacon of hope that KU represents. Your contribution, whether it’s time, resources or passion, is invaluable.”

Campaign priorities

Our world faces urgent, complex challenges. We know that no single discipline, no one campus, no individual discovery can alone transform our society. But together — across our health system, medical center and all the schools on the Hill — we work relentlessly to imagine a better Kansas and create a better world.

Our priorities focus on three areas: student access & success, healthy & vibrant communities, and research & discovery. Our broad and bold priorities will create meaningful change for our campuses, classrooms, centers of discovery, clinics, cities, country and — most importantly — our people.

Student access & success

From scholarships that make college accessible to hands-on experiences that make new graduates marketable, investments in this priority will help students create a bright future — for themselves and for us all.

Students are the heart of the university and our greatest hope for progress and for furthering the KU legacy in the centuries to come. The mark of KU has had a positive influence on so many generations of people, and when students become Jayhawks, it becomes an indelible part of their lives too. At KU, students’ worlds expand exponentially and there are no limits to what they can dream, achieve and become.

CAPTIVE AUDIENCE: KU alumni and friends watch the campaign launch videos with anticipation for the big reveal.

On our campuses today, students are learning how to navigate an increasingly complex global society, challenging the ways things have always been and preparing to solve problems that don’t even exist yet. Investments in scholarships, mentorship and internships will help more students attend, graduate and succeed.

“You’re already an integral part of KU’s story,” said Dan Martin, KU Endowment president. “You’ve co-created our present and now, collectively, we have the capacity to empower KU’s future, to cement its impact.”

Healthy & vibrant communities

KU builds strong communities here and around the world. From The University of Kansas Cancer Center that will save the life of someone you love, to a social worker who will provide hope to a questioning teenager, to artwork in a rural town square that inspires creativity, investments in our communities will build a society buoyed by connection and uplift.

Healthy communities begin with access to quality education, services, employment opportunities, cultural activities and, of course, health care. The University of Kansas Health System has dedicated the past 25 years to ensuring people across our region receive the most innovative treatments provided with care and compassion.

Looking ahead, in collaboration with researchers at KU Medical Center, KU Cancer Center will be the leader in cellular therapy — the future of cancer treatment. The health system and the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center will be the destination for the most advanced research and treatments in brain health. Progress in these areas will save thousands of lives.

“To achieve this future vision, we must continue to attract and retain the very best people and support them in the best and right ways because our patients and their families deserve this,” said Bob Page, CEO of The University of Kansas Health System.

HAIL TO OLD KU: The KU Spirit Squad rallies the crowd.
Research & discovery

We are excited about what’s to come — and we know the future holds urgent, complex challenges that no one discipline can solve alone. Investments in revolutionary science, extraordinary teaching and undergraduate research will ignite the curiosity and action needed to brighten our future.

As a major research institution and member of the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU), KU proudly claims a distinguished record of innovation. Jayhawks are here to question, investigate and solve, with research and scholarship woven into the university’s identity. World-class talent leads this effort through strong mentorship — the key to effective inquiry. Students and emerging researchers work closely with experts who lead their fields and are eager to help them navigate new areas of study.

The aim is for all Jayhawks to be prepared to contribute to society. They are working relentlessly to imagine and create potential — forging new ideas, technologies, treatments and cures.

Innovation and discovery are the driving force behind KU’s vision of an even stronger and more prosperous future for all.

“Ever Onward is a historic campaign that will fund our brilliant tomorrow,” Chancellor Douglas A. Girod said. “In 2028, we intend to celebrate having raised $2.5 billion to save lives, to change lives, to improve lives and to make our world better. We invite you to march Ever Onward with us. Let’s create that future together.”

Add Your Voice To the Chorus. Learn more about the campaign and how to share your KU passion at

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