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The Faithful
Faithful Jayhawks Inspire Others
What comes to mind when you think of a faithful friend?

Maybe it’s a neighbor you can always count on. Or a childhood friend who still brings joy to your heart after all these years. Or possibly, you picture the warm faces of family who are there for you in the best and most trying times.

For us at KU Endowment, we consider members of Jayhawk Faithful to be among the most dedicated friends of the University of Kansas. The recognition program celebrates KU supporters who have given to any area at the university for two or more consecutive years — no matter the size of the gift.

We created Jayhawk Faithful to show appreciation for the over 23,000 KU alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends who currently support the university, year after year. We recently asked members to share some of their stories about why they give to KU. The stories we have received so far are heartfelt and inspiring and speak to the importance of ongoing loyal support. If you would like to tell your story, please visit

“How lucky we have been to return to the enlightening and educational environment offered by the University of Kansas! It’s quite easy to give to university programs on a continued basis because of our interest in lifelong learning and loyalty to KU.”

Dave Domann, bachelor’s in pharmacy 1976, master’s in pharmacy 1978, and Libby Domann, bachelor’s in nursing 1977
Lawrence, Kan.
3-year consecutive donors

“I attribute much of my success to what I learned from my professors while at KU. I give to honor them and to help perpetuate the legacy of the Crimson and Blue. I am thankful for having had the opportunity to go to such a fine institution and hope, that by giving, I help maintain her legacy.”

Jaime Diaz, bachelor’s in business and Latin American studies 1984
Shawnee, Kan.
12-year consecutive donor

“While there are many worthwhile organizations that seek contributions, I feel that the education of our young people offers the greatest hope for the future of our state and nation. As college costs rise, more and more students need help to avoid going into debt. KU was an important part of my life, and I want to enable others to have the opportunity to learn and grow into good teachers for our children and youth.”

Sylvia Allgaier, Ed.D, bachelor’s in education 1958
Dallas, Texas
34-year consecutive donor

“The moment I walked down the hill in 1955, I knew I wanted to continue my identification and association with KU. Giving became a habit. Once you form a good habit you continue it. Later in life, I began to realize how important it is to support higher education.”

Gary Padgett, bachelor’s in business 1955
Greenleaf, Kan.
53-year consecutive donor

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