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What's In Your Briefcase, Sunyoung Cheong?
Max McElroy

“The Revo CNC machine,” said Sunyoung Cheong, Mary Fischer Traver Professor of Metalsmithing and Jewelry. The machine, donated in 2010 by Sandy and Chuck Garrett, transformed the design process for Cheong and her students. “This was the first steppingstone in adopting digital technology in a traditional studio setting, and it changed my life as an artist and educator,” she said.

While growing up in South Korea, professor Cheong fell in love with the uniqueness of metalsmithing and the way it allows for self-expression. “I found out that art is a different language I could use to communicate and connect with other people,” she said. “The processes and materials I use have an emotional value that expresses myself as an artist.”

The support from Cheong’s professorship contributes to her career advancement and artistic freedom. “It allows me to pursue my research interests and teaching methods according to my own expertise,” Cheong said. “This independence promotes my creativity and innovation in research.” Throughout her time at KU, Cheong has released several collections, and her work has been featured in magazines and in national and international exhibits.

Cheong also finds tremendous fulfillment in guiding her students. “I believe every student has potential, and I love to see them improving their learning and becoming an artist. I want them to be successful in their future careers,” she said. “I am teaching in the classroom where I took my first jewelry class. I remember how I struggled to learn new things and how I often made mistakes.”

Embracing change and having a vision for the future are important to her work and her instruction to students. “Adapting and teaching technology is fundamental for the future, and visual art is no exception,” Cheong said. “We appreciate our donors and look for continued financial support so we can stay ahead of the game and prepare for the next generation.”

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