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Building on a Legacy
Dan Martin, President of KU Endowment

It is a privilege to pen this note as I enter the role of president and join KU Endowment’s tremendous legacy of impact — of partners and those who have stewarded our mission since 1891. 

As I review the history of the University of Kansas, it is clear KU Endowment has been one of the most instrumental drivers in the university’s development. And, thanks to exemplary leadership and wise stewardship, KU Endowment continues to be in a position of strength and a remarkable resource to KU. Truly, the effort that began on October 31, 1891, has built a “greater University of Kansas.”

I am honored to follow Dale Seuferling and am in awe that he served KU Endowment for nearly one-third of its existence. Wow … one-third. 41 years. Serving at a single organization for that many years is a rarity in today’s world of work. Dale’s contributions have been significant, and his leadership imprint will always remain a part of who we are. 

I happened to walk into a moment on Dale’s last day in the office as he was talking to some KU Endowment colleagues. He was telling them the office he had been using since I arrived was clear of all his personal items and it was so empty that you could hear an echo. I thought to myself, “How fitting.” May Dale’s life and legacy continue to echo, reverberate and shape these halls as we give thanks for all he has done to establish KU Endowment as an organization that is recognized as one of the best in the nation.

For me, this role represents the apex, the high point, of my career. Although no one could ever replace Dale and the impact he has made, I will certainly do all I can to serve and empower the KU Endowment team so that, together, we can strive to meet the level of excellence and productivity established under Dale’s leadership.

The efforts and donor partnerships represented in the stories on the following pages are the result of a tremendous team serving to advance KU Endowment’s mission. Even though I am just a couple of months into my role, what I initially believed has been confirmed: KU Endowment staff is comprised of talented and passionate professionals. It is their efforts that are reflected in these stories, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside them.


Dan Martin

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