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KU Student Portraits — Andrew and Benjamin Jones
Valerie Gieler
FUTURE DOCTORS: Benjamin (L) and Andrew Jones are following their dad’s example by pursuing careers in medicine.

Twin brothers Andrew and Benjamin Jones are among the first eight recipients of the Barbara Sheffield Medical Scholarship in the University of Kansas School of Medicine, established by a subsidiary of GEHA in 2021. Both earned their undergraduate degrees at the University of Missouri and are excited to be in medical school this fall.

Andrew has always enjoyed taking care of others in many environments. An item that represents this passion is a bracelet he got on a mission trip to Nogales, a town on the border of the U.S. and Mexico. “It reminds me to be thankful for the many blessings I have and that I love to help and serve other people as much as I can.”

Andrew also spent time with other service organizations and volunteered at an urgent care clinic, where he learned to value critical thinking skills and, more importantly, teamwork.

He hopes to practice in pathology or radiology and is grateful to be a Sheffield Medical Scholar. “As a Black man, I want to be an example people can see and be part of a doctoral group that is more reflective of its patients,” he said. “This opportunity has changed my life.”

Benjamin has wanted to be a physician since he was a child. “My father was the first physician who inspired me to pursue medicine,” he said. “Seeing the compassion and dedication he has for his patients has always been a standard I want to set for myself as a physician.”

This inspiration, coupled with Benjamin’s ever-growing love of science, is represented by the first undergraduate research poster he completed. “The poster reminds me how far I’ve come in science and the passion it instilled in me to continue doing research and working toward becoming a physician,” he said.

Practicing gastroenterology in an urban environment is Benjamin’s plan for the future. “I will use this scholarship to not only learn science and train in medicine, but to work to improve this amazing Kansas City community,” he said.

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