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What's in Your Backpack, Sadie Williams?
Pamela Urlacher

“The sweater my Grandma knit when my mom went to KU,” said Sadie Williams, a KU senior studying economics and English with a Spanish minor. “It has a huge Jayhawk on the front and represents that I’m grounded in my upbringing. First and foremost, I’m a Jayhawk.”

Williams spends her time searching for ways to strengthen the community. She has been a member of the KU Student Senate since her freshman year and served as the Student Body President for the 2022-2023 academic year. Through her role, Williams hoped to be the voice for students on campus. “It all shows the impact students can make at KU. I can’t think of anything I am prouder of.”

As student Body President, Williams has led multiple programs, including the Student Senate Fall Retreat with the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics. She worked with staff and faculty to plan the retreat and ensure it was educational and inviting for the students who attended. The event hosted more than 30 students, working together to plan for the entire KU student body.

The recipient of multiple scholarships, Williams credits this support as helping shape her KU experience. “I wouldn’t have been able to get as involved in Student Senate, my sorority or the Center for Community Outreach.”

Because of her passion for education and helping people find their voices, Williams selected her three fields of study to be all encompassing. She plans to enter law school after graduation and also enjoys the creative sides of literature and language. “It’s a good balance between the skills that I'll need in the future while still doing things that I just genuinely enjoy doing.”

Williams plans to continue focusing on the university community and uplifting the students around her. She is looking forward to furthering her education and hopes to change the world as she sees it today. “KU wouldn’t be as strong of a university and have as many offerings for students without the individual donors who make that a reality. I am so genuinely thankful.”

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