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What's In Your Backpack? – Ethan Christ
Pamela Urlacher
Photo by Chris Crum

Photo by Chris Crum

“My statue of Michelangelo from Italy,” said Ethan Christ, a senior in the KU Honors program from Overland Park, Kan. studying biochemistry and anthropology. “It’s inspiring to me, because I’m a very curious person. I want to be learning for the rest of my life too.”

Christ focuses his time on finding ways to better the Lawrence community. As the executive director of the Center for Community Outreach, Christ is driven to form connections with other KU students and local residents. “I love helping Lawrence and the community. You’re just going to work much harder when you’re working toward your passions.”

As the recipient of multiple scholarships and awards, Christ can focus his time on the community and his studies. “It’s very fulfilling. Being recognized with awards and scholarships means a lot when you’re working hard to do something.”

Because of his passion for people, Christ has found ways to explore the intersections between anthropology and biochemistry. “I get to read about different cultures and social interactions, how and why people do things the way they do. I also think as a physician, you need to have good cultural competency and an understanding of people and different backgrounds.”

Christ plans to continue homing in on his goals and pursuing research that feeds his interest in helping people. He plans to attend medical school and is grateful for the financial support and mentoring he has received at KU. “It motivates you, and I want to say thank you to the donors for the scholarships. The money is very important, but it goes beyond the money.” 

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