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KU Endowment 101 — Volunteer Leadership
KU Endowment Staff

Twelve University of Kansas friends established KU Endowment in 1891 to receive and manage gifts apart from the state of Kansas treasury. This group of Jayhawks developed into the KU Endowment Board of Trustees. The board now comprises up to 75 volunteer leaders and recently held their 130th annual meeting.

The full board elects an executive committee to govern the organization and ensure we provide significant support for KU now and in the future. The executive committee of up to 15 members includes four, ex officio, non-voting members: KU’s chancellor and KU Endowment’s president, secretary and treasurer. The chair of the Board of Trustees also is the chair of the executive committee, a position elected annually.

In addition to the executive committee, six standing committees and one subcommittee oversee specific areas of operation. An ad hoc budget committee also is named every year. Membership is appointed annually by the chair. Board members receive no compensation for their service. At the conclusion of active service, trustees are eligible for election to life trustee.

Each board member brings a unique perspective and skill set to advance our mission in the following ways:

  • Financial support of KU to the extent of individual ability as an example for others to follow.
  • A willingness to lead and encourage alumni, friends, corporations and foundations to invest in the future of the University of Kansas.
  • An active interest in the operations of KU Endowment.
  • A willingness to share any special expertise for the benefit of KU Endowment.
  • Regular attendance at meetings of the Board of Trustees and active participation in KU Endowment functions in the local area.
  • Representation and support of KU Endowment among friends, fellow alumni and donors in the community.
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