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KU Endowment 101 – Greater KU Fund
KU Endowment Staff

If the changing circumstances of COVID-19 have taught us anything, it’s the inherent need to be flexible. Even in typical times, the University of Kansas is constantly adapting to fulfill its mission of educating future leaders, creating healthier communities and changing the world through discovery and innovation.

Unrestricted philanthropic support to the Greater KU Fund provides the foundation to sustain the university’s highest priorities and realize goals that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Students, faculty, research, programs across KU campuses and outreach projects throughout the state all benefit.

Because of their inherent flexibility, unrestricted funds can be directed to unexpected opportunities and initiatives that meet KU’s ever-evolving needs. Some of the needs are significant, such as technology and infrastructure upgrades required to deliver Hyflex instruction today and in the future. Funds are also used for student scholarships, faculty awards, research initiatives and to enhance the campus experience. Regardless of the size of the need or opportunity, unrestricted support is vital for helping KU succeed.

Unrestricted gifts have the power to make a difference:

funds a new blood pressure cuff or patient blood test at the JayDoc Free Clinic

fuels basic research by supplying test tubes, slides and lab necessities

purchases hardware to help launch a small satellite or build a race car

offsets the fees to enter a national competition

fulfills an emergency funding request for living expenses

covers the books for a student for one semester

enables a student or faculty member to participate in professional development

supports a scholarship for a deserving student

helps a research team start a new project

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