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Giving Snapshots — Spring 2022
Why I Give — Spring 2022
“The University of Kansas’ Music Education and Music Therapy Department gave my late wife all the tools to become an extraordinary piano teacher, inspiring generations of young musicians. I want to make this education and great career accessible to those who share her dream of music as an expression of joy and love.”

Timothy Averill, bachelor’s in English and French 1969, Beverly, Mass.

Gift to the Lauren B. Averill Student Support fund in music education therapy

“An internship can be a very positive experience for both the student and the hiring firm. Valuable connections can be made for the student. Our internship scholarship fund will help students offset certain expenses such as travel and room and board, particularly if the internship is in a distant location.”

Claire Hodge, master’s in education curriculum and instruction 1974, and Ernie Hodge, MBA 1971, Hinsdale, Ill.

Gift to establish the Claire and Ernie Hodge Internship Scholarship

“Going to college had the biggest effect on my life of any single event. We want to give back to the university and provide someone with a life-changing experience that they might not be able to have otherwise.”

Robert Eaton, bachelor’s in engineering 1963, and Connie Drake Eaton, KU alumna 1966, Naples, Fla.

Gift to establish the Robert and Connie Eaton Scholarship for students from Arkansas City and Burlington, Kan.

“After high school, a lot of pressure was put on me to go to college. Unfortunately, at that time, I wasn’t very interested. I decided to take a trip to see the country and stopped at KU. I was greeted with enthusiasm, so I gave it a try. After three years, I went into the Air Force and came back to KU to finish my degree after being discharged. I remember saying to myself, if I ever have a chance to help students working on degrees in the sciences, I would do so. I want to leave a legacy for future generations and encourage students to study something I think is important to our country’s survival. We are a lucky nation to have places like KU.”

John Franklin, bachelor’s in personnel administration 1961, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Gift to the John P. Franklin Jr. Engineering Scholarship

“The University of Kansas was important to Wallace E. and Iris C. Pratt. W.E.’s study of geology led him to be a pioneer in this field he loved. Iris actively campaigned and marched for women’s right to vote. I wanted to honor my two brilliant grandparents.”

Saint Claire Seifert, Houston, Texas

Gifts to the Iris C. Pratt Study Abroad Scholarship and the Pratt Geology Graduate Student Support fund

“Dr. Tribhawan ‘Trib’ S. Vats, a devoted pediatric oncologist and academician for many years at KU Medical Center, was committed to teaching his students. As such, his mantra was ‘Always keep writing. When you don’t know what else to do, always keep writing.’ The family of Dr. Vats wanted to honor his legacy and carry on his commitment to academics by creating this gift.”

Mrs. Santosh Vats, Dr. Atul Vats, bachelor’s in engineering 1987, M.D. 1991, and Anshu Vats Mitchell, bachelor’s in psychology and crime and delinquency studies 1989

Gift to establish the Tribhawan S. Vats, M.D. Medical Scholarship

“Dad devoted himself to the success of KU Medical Center. He advocated for professors and students alike. Upon meeting a new doctor, I am frequently asked, ‘Is Allen Rawitch your father? My reply to the affirmative has often been met with, ‘He was the professor you wanted to get for biochemistry.’ My wife knew that Dad secretly wished to have a scholarship in his name. When we learned this was an option, our family jumped at the chance. As a student, he was a husband and parent who benefited from scholarships. He would have been delighted to know part of his legacy continues to support students at the institution he so loved.”

Bruce Rawitch on behalf of Patricia Rawitch and the Rawitch family, Stilwell, Kan.

Gift to establish the Dr. Allen and Pat Rawitch Biochemistry Scholarship. Allen served as KU School of Medicine Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies.

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