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Giving Snapshots — Spring 2019
Why I Give
“We enjoy passing on opportunities that we had at KU. We believe in working with young people to develop their leadership skills, and that led to working with the KU Alumni Association to support student alumni leaders. Now, we are combining our original idea with our passion for recruiting young people to the university as a part of the Welcome Center.”

Donald Brada Sr., M.D., bachelor’s in psychology 1961, M.D. 1965, residency 1972, retired associate dean of the School of Medicine-Wichita, and Kay Brada, bachelor’s in personnel administration and political science 1961, Lawrence, Kan.

Gift to the Jayhawk Welcome Center

“I think with everything that’s going on with the world today — changes in journalism and digital media and social media — journalism as we knew it has changed radically. It’s going to be critical for the William Allen White School to stay ahead of that curve.”

Kyle Craig, bachelor’s in journalism 1969, Denver, Colo.

Gift made through the Kyle Craig Family Future of Journalism Fund to establish the JBar at the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications



“I often consider Professor Wright’s impact on my life. I hope each recipient of financial assistance from the Beatrice A. Wright Faculty Scholarship in Health and Rehabilitation Fund gains an equal amount of wisdom.”

Dennis Swiercinsky, Ph.D. in psychology 1974, Portland, Ore.

Gift to the Beatrice A. Wright Scholarship in Health/Rehabilitation Psychology

“My wife’s experience as a young refugee and my childhood ties to Kansas greatly inspired me to make this gift. Providing an incentive to graduate is important, and a loan repayment award like this one encourages students to persevere.”

Eugene Carter, Ph.D., Arlington, Mass.

Gift to establish the E. Eugene Carter Foundation opportunity award for female Hispanic students in the School of Engineering

“I was looking for an opportunity to do something to bridge the academic experience at KU with the outside world to help better prepare students for what they would encounter on the job.”

Richard Hoover, bachelor’s in engineering 1971, and Elizabeth Hoover, bachelor’s in chemistry 1971, Northport, Mich.

Gift to establish the Richard H. Hoover Chemical Engineering Applied Research Laboratory at KU’s School of Engineering

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