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Giving Snapshots — Fall 2023
Why I Give — Fall 2023

“Good storytelling is good journalism, and that is what inspired us to support the KU Native American Journalism fund. This effort to marry the rich storytelling heritage of Native Americans with the best practices of modern journalism is in excellent hands at KU.”

Danforth Austin, bachelor’s in journalism 1968 and Gail Davenport Austin, bachelor’s in zoology 1968, bachelor’s in medical technology 1969, Scottsdale, Ariz.
Gift to the KU Native American Journalism fund

“A lot of our family has gone to this school — it’s where our family started. Our family’s roots are in Kansas, and despite moving on with our careers that took us to New York and eventually California, we wanted to do something that went beyond us — that was bigger than we were. My husband, John, always felt education was the best thing, and we were honored to sponsor both a medical and a nursing scholarship. We love reading the letters from the students who are thankful for the support and help. We love the campus and the friendly Kansas people. We know our scholarships will be used wisely.”

Jean Baldwin, Twain Harte, Calif.
Gift to Jean Baldwin Nursing Scholarship

"Patti and I give to KU because both of our children had foundational experiences there. We’ve endowed a scholarship in memory of our son Hart, his older sister Larkin also benefited immeasurably from her time at KU. She was a music major (clarinet) who went on to get master’s and doctoral degrees and today lives in the eye of a whirlwind, teaching and performing with Kansas City as her hub.

Our son’s career in architecture lasted only eight years, but those years were packed with challenges and growth that seemed everything a young architect could hope for. Upon graduation, Hart took a position with a Des Moines firm that put him on the front lines of design right out of the gate. As a result, there are two bridges (with plans for a third) spanning the Des Moines River today that Hart designed. A rookie architect, he was fortunate to get anything built, let alone projects as conspicuous and enduring as two of the city’s iconic bridges. He was up to the task, however, because of the training, the nurturing he received at KU.

Hart spent his last four years with Olson Kundig Architects in Seattle. He called it his dream job. He spent his days emersed in designs architects in other firms could only wish they had had the chance to tackle. We’re convinced he was able to do this because of the watchful guidance he found at the KU School of Architecture and Design. If we can help provide this same springboard to other aspiring designers, we’ll have made a valuable contribution.”

Harlow and Patricia Sanders, Branson, Mo.
Gift to establish the Hart Sanders Memorial Scholarship

"College is a place where students engage with international experiences in multiple ways. Study abroad is an important way to broaden students’ international competencies. We hope our support will make it easier for students to actually take the leap to a life-changing study abroad experience."

Bradley Mazon, bachelor’s in French and political science 1986, and Thomas Coates, West Seneca, NY
Gift to the International Student Services Emergency fund

"After completing my undergraduate program at the KU School of Business, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. Business School Associate Dean Wiley Mitchell suggested a new program that combined an MBA with a J.D. from the KU Law School. I was one of the first enrollees and am convinced it was one of my best decisions. I have had a successful career as a CPA and businessman using the knowledge gained in the J.D./MBA program. Although I paid for my entire education by part-time work, today that is almost impossible given the increased costs facing students. I want to share my success to help deserving students with their staggering costs. The combined degree program is extremely important in today’s business world.”

J.R. Walters, bachelor’s in business 1971, MBA 1975, J.D. 1975, St. Louis, Mo.
Gift to the James R. Walters Joint J.D./MBA Scholarship

“My life partner, Lydia Walker, and I dedicated our professional lives to educating children. We separately pursued several degrees from various institutions of higher learning along our way. If one thing held true throughout, it was a treasure for us to witness the development of children physically, socially, emotionally and academically. We both experienced the loss of siblings, and in my case, their tragic deaths were due to medical neglect. Lydia was always supportive of my legal and emotional interventions on their behalf.

Along our path together, we only grew stronger in our commitment to our chosen profession and, in some ways, credit our education as personally lifesaving. When Lydia died, I decided to continue our dedication to learning and well-being through contributing to research in two areas: Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. Research to find a cure based on sound scientific fact in two areas that adversely affect so many people is my way to continue to honor Lydia’s memory and also to further contribute myself.”

Margaret McLaughlin, Kansas City, Mo.
Gifts to the Margaret “Peg” McLaughlin and Lydia A. Walker Alzheimer's Disease Research and Breast Cancer funds 
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