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Giving Snapshots – Fall 2022
Why I Give — Fall 2022
Living in Liberia, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere convinced us that having extended experiences outside the U.S. should be a vital part of everyone’s education. We have been overjoyed to help finance such experiences for KU students, and even happier with the letters from students who have benefited in this way.”

Arlo Schurle, bachelor’s 1964, master’s 1965, and doctorate in 1967, all in mathematics; and Dixie Schurle, 1966 alumna, Austin, Texas

Gift to the Schurle Family Study Abroad Fund 

In my early years as a hospital pharmacist, I met a nurse, Sue Welch, who graduated from the KU School of Nursing. Sue had received a scholarship and otherwise probably would not have been able to attend. That meeting turned into marriage five months later. Through the years, we were able to make contributions to the KU School of Nursing in appreciation of Sue’s training. When she passed after nearly 60 years of marriage, I established a scholarship for KU student nurses in her honor. Sue would be so proud to know we are helping deserving students achieve their dreams. Perhaps KU will change these students’ lives, just as it did Sue’s … and mine.”

Walter T. Miller Jr., Springfield, Mo.

Gift to establish the Walter and Sue (Welch) Miller Nursing Student Scholarship Fund

I felt like it was time for me to give back to the school where I did my training and the community where I grew up. In the past few years, we have come to understand that equality does not necessarily mean equity. This scholarship recognizes that people of color often come from a place of inequity.”

Deborah VanderVeen, M.D. 1993, residency 1995, Wellesley Hills, Mass.

Gift to the Schaefer-VanderVeen Medical Diversity Scholarship

I am very interested in helping fund the development of the total person. Successful leadership requires such development, but I am convinced that a focus on communication skills and the art of storytelling can lead to a more fulfilling life for every person, regardless of their role in any setting and at any age. Go KU!”

J. Kermit Campbell, bachelor’s in engineering 1960, Traverse City, Mich.

Gift to the J. Kermit Campbell Undergraduate Research Fellows 

Gifts at work

I am grateful to the donors who make scholarships possible. My education has been enhanced by ensuring I can make my legal degree my first priority. My scholarship has allowed me to engage in extracurricular activities and law school programs, enriching my professional development outside of the classroom.” 

—Alexandra Speakar 

The opportunity to receive my education at KU and pursue my dreams is something I’m incredibly grateful for.”

—Om Watson

I want my donor to know how deeply grateful I am for the opportunity to study at a top-tier research university at a reduced cost. I am perpetually amazed by the boundless opportunities and resources available at KU and am honored to call myself a Jayhawk. I know the skills and knowledge I will acquire at KU will help me reach my potential as a driver of positive change in the state of Kansas and the world.” 

—Alexa Magstadt

As I dive into my studies and work hard toward my degree, I’ll always be thankful for the fact that financing my education does not have to be a worry for me or my family. I cannot express how grateful I am to receive this honor. I’ll work my hardest in college to prove that I’m deserving of it.”

—Hunter Long

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