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Giving Snapshots — Fall 2019
KU Endowment Staff
Why I Give
“This gift honors my late husband, Jack Lockton, and will provide students with a quality education and practical skills in insurance and risk management. The ability to advise clients on their various areas and degrees of risk helped Lockton become a true business partner. Philanthropy feels good, no matter the level of giving, and educating students is a top priority.”

Cheryl Lockton Williams, Mission Hills, Kan.

Gift to establish the Jack Lockton Certificate in Insurance and Risk Management

“When I went through the KU Master of Public Administration program over 30 years ago, the scholarship I received made it possible to enjoy a lifetime career in the city management profession. I feel a deep sense of obligation to try to help another MPA student facing a similar situation.”

Alan Sims, MPA 1988, and Gayle Sims, bachelor’s in psychology 1977, Cedar Hill, Texas

Gift to the Alan E. Sims Student Opportunity Fund

“Military history, including the study of battles and war that have greatly influenced civilization, tends to be less emphasized by history departments. By establishing this professorship, KU can continue to be an educational leader in this area for generations to come.”

David Pittaway, bachelor’s in history 1972, Naples, Fla.

Gift to establish the David B. Pittaway Professorship in Military History

“Our parents dedicated a lot of time and energy to the community while also stressing the importance of our academics. We wanted to create a scholarship at KU in their memory that encouraged academic achievement as well as the activities they loved.”

Patrick Everley, bachelor’s in biology 2001, San Francisco, Calif.; Mark Everley, M.D., bachelor’s in biology 1997, M.D. 2001, Kansas City, Mo; and Steven Everley, bachelor’s in history 2005, Houston, Texas

Gift to establish the Phil and Helen Everley Memorial Scholarship

“We credit the KU law faculty for the incredible instruction and support that gave us a head start on our legal careers, so we created the fund to help continue the great tradition of student-focused teaching that results in the development of strong legal skills and critical thinking. An unrestricted fund seemed to be the best way to support these goals for years to come.”

Robin Miles, J.D. 1986, and Dara Miles, J.D. 1987, Boulder, Colo.

Gift to establish the Robin and Dara Miles Law Opportunity Fund

“Our son experienced tremendous academic and personal growth during his years at KU. We have endowed a fund so that other diverse students can have that same opportunity. Giving to KU is a no-brainer for us.”

Gloria Kumagai and Steve Savitt, Minneapolis, Minn.

Gift to establish the Kumagai Savitt Scholarship

“The gift to establish the Lindsley Lectureship in Rheumatology will provide an annual educational program for trainees and faculty in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. It reflects our 40-year teaching careers at KU Medical Center. We also have given scholarships in the School of Engineering and the School of Music, honoring family members.”

Carol Lindsley, M.D., professor emerita of Pediatric Rheumatology, bachelor’s in bacteriology 1963; and Herbert Lindsley, M.D., professor emeritus of Internal Medicine, M.D. 1966; Leawood, Kan.

Gift to establish the Lindsley Lectureship in Rheumatology

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