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Cars for a Cause
Valerie Gieler
Auction proceeds support Alzheimer’s disease research

Frank Thompson is known for his generous spirit, willingness to help others and a love of cars. He recently saw the opportunity to honor the memory of his wife, Evangeline “Babe” Thompson, and support the University of Kansas Alzheimer’s Disease Center (KU ADC). In June 2020, Thompson auctioned 10 classic cars from his personal collection. The auction proceeds were combined with memorial gifts to provide $250,000 for Alzheimer’s disease research.

The Thompsons shared an interest in cars and in helping the community. They owned and ran an Overland Park, Kan., car dealership for many years and have a long history of supporting research, education and patient services in neurology and Alzheimer’s. Besides being part of finding a cure, Frank’s greatest hope is inspiring others to give.

“The impact of Frank and Babe’s support on my research program is incalculable,” said Dr. Russ Swerdlow, co-director of KU ADC. “They made it possible to initiate projects that resulted in a better understanding of what causes Alzheimer’s disease.”

Support from the Thompson family has helped KU ADC grow to conduct more than
30 research studies. Frank firmly believes contributing to causes greater than yourself is the duty of anyone who is able. “Ensuring your kids won’t have to worry about diseases like Alzheimer’s creates a better world and a brighter future,” he said. “You have the power to take care of this for them.”

LEGACY OF GIVING: Pictured here in 2013, Frank and Babe Thompson have supported the Alzheimer’s research of Dr. Russ Swerdlow (L) and Dr. Jeff Burns for decades.

“I couldn’t think of a better way to honor Babe. Supporting Alzheimer’s research can change the future for so many people. This disease is terrible. I hope we whip it.”

Frank Thompson

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