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About the KU Women for KU Women Fund

Women Philanthropists for KU strives to cultivate success, and to uplift and support the leaders of tomorrow. Created and supported by the Women Philanthropists for KU, the KU Women for KU Women Fund provides grants for women who are KU seniors and graduate students experiencing financial hardship. These grants enable women to strive for success and accomplish their dreams.

The KU Women for KU Women Fund was created by the Advisory Board of the Women Philanthropists for KU in 2005, to give a “hand up” to women students to help them complete their studies at KU. 

The KU Women for KU Women Fund provides assistance for seniors or graduate students who face financial obstacles to achieving their educational and professional goals. It was first created as an expendable fund and became a permanent fund (endowed fund) in 2007. All donations help build this fund, so that we may provide additional resources each academic year.

Since its inception, the KU Women for KU Women Fund has provided financial resources for more than 160 women. Since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, more KU students have experienced financial hardship, including food insecurity or family emergencies, prompting more requests for assistance.

The KU Women for KU Women Fund has been designated as part of the KU Emergency Aid Network, which helps to identify KU students in need.

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