7.0 How to Reach Us


Account Services 

Teresa H. Mock
Director of Account Services 
Diana Beisner
Account Services Representative 
Marty White
Senior Account Services Representative 
Mary Jo Williams
Medical Center Operations Manager 


Paul Borchardt
Assistant Vice President & Controller 
Bonnie Petz
Accounting Director
Paul Borchardt
Assistant Vice President and Controller


Dale Seuferling
Allison Long
Senior Vice President for Administration and COO 

Finance and Investments 

James Clarke
Senior Vice President for Investments & Treasurer 
Stacy Nuss
Vice President of Investments

Loans and Scholarships

Mary O'Brien
Director, Scholarship and Loan Administration


Jerome Davies
Executive Vice President for Development & Secretary 
Jim Mechler
Vice President for Development
Becci Blaesing
Vice President for Medical Development