What's in Your Briefcase, Sharon Lynch?

“The Multiple Sclerosis Achievement Center (MSAC) in its entirety,” said Dr. Sharon Lynch, Clinic Director and MSAC Medical Director. “This is my life’s work. The MSAC is my legacy.” 

Lynch came to KU Medical Center in 1991 and was a leading force in the founding of the KU Center for MS care, which provides comprehensive care for patients and includes research and education. The Center has been a part of various multi-center clinical trials, leading to several of the latest drug approvals for MS treatment. 

Working with MS patients became Lynch’s passion and led her to expand opportunities for care through the MSAC. The MSAC began in 1997 and is a rehabilitation and wellness program for patients with more progressed MS, allowing them to optimize their lives through a weekly exercise program. It also serves as a training center for KU students pursuing degrees in physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work and even engineering with the development of assistive devices.  

“The MSAC runs almost exclusively on private support, and as long as there is MS, there is a need for programs like these.”

Lynch strongly believes that everyone should be giving what they can to help others. For her, this means giving financial support to KU Medical Center to enhance patient improvement and research programs that might not be able to continue otherwise. She wishes to ensure that her legacy — this program — outlives her. 

“We need to think in terms of our responsibility in the world. We have an abundance and we should figure out ways we can make the world better with our abundance.”