Time and Place — A Greener Boulevard

In 2013, KU had a vision to restore Jayhawk Boulevard and make it safer and more environmentally friendly at the same time. The boulevard has undergone extensive renovations above and below ground, and the final stage of the four-phase project was completed in June 2019. This year is the first time to see all the improvements in full bloom.

The renovations — which began at the western entrance near the Chi Omega Fountain and stretched to the east — include new pavement, sidewalks, crosswalks, bus stops, energy-efficient lighting, repaired utility lines, stormwater systems and better drainage systems. Private support helped fund the new landscaping and street trees. The tree canopy was a signature feature in the mid-20th century until the elm trees were wiped out by Dutch elm disease. 

Most recently, renovations took place in front of the Kansas Union. This phase was completed over two summers. 

Jayhawk Boulevard now has improved transit and pedestrian safety, green solutions for stormwater management, new trees that will grow into a canopy reminiscent of the thoroughfare of old, and expanded gardens for social, civic and student life.