Why I Give

“At KU I received the knowledge, skills and confidence, both academic and personal, that enabled me to become the person I am. I believe when you receive such a gift you pass it on to others.” 

John Drowatzky, Ed.D, bachelor’s in education 1957, Ottawa Hills, Ohio

Gift to establish the Drowatzky Family Scholarship for residents of Battenfeld Scholarship Hall

“It was our great desire to establish a fellowship award to encourage research and a visiting professor’s lectureship so current and future students and fellows in medical oncology get special knowledge of treating elderly patients with cancer. We felt we can establish a legacy and repay our gratitude because we were richly rewarded during my fellowship training at KU Medical Center.”

Laxmidas A. Sawkar, M.D., Medical Oncology Fellowship 1974, and Mrs. Bharati L. Sawkar, Woodbury, Minn.

Gift to establish Geriatrics Oncology Fund

“Our gift to commission a sculpture for the KU Law Enforcement Training Center in Yoder stems from our deep admiration and profound respect for the professional men and women dedicated to the protection and service of Kansans.  It is with abundant pride in the special people who teach, train and inspire Kansas law enforcement officers to excel that The Protector now graces the KLETC courtyard, paying tribute to and offering inspiration for the very best training possible for the brave Kansans who ready themselves to provide for our safety.  Few people know that KU is delivering this training at such a high level, and we are so pleased to call greater attention to this critical mission through our gift.”

Robert J. Senecal, Ph.D., dean emeritus of KU Continuing Education, and Evelyn J. Senecal, Ph.D., Lawrence, Kan.

Gift to fund “The Protector” at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center

“Dirk and I read the history of the Victory Eagle in Kansas Alumni magazine and felt this proud symbol deserved a new, unique home.  Memorial Drive will be the perfect location to honor university members who gave their lives for our freedoms. We hope the eagle and its proper monument and surroundings will be funded quickly!”

Leslie Raemdonck, bachelor’s in
journalism 1973, and Dirk Raemdonck, Breckenridge, Colo.

Gift to support the Victory Eagle Plaza on Memorial Drive 

“All four of our children graduated from KU — three from the KU School of Medicine and one from KU Law. We are very grateful to the educators who invested in them. Our gift helps ensure future doctors in Kansas and is a way to thank KU for the outstanding education of our children.”

Shaker Radi Dakhil, M.D., and Kathie Dakhil, Wichita, Kan.

Gift to the KU School of Medicine-Wichita expansion to a four-year campus


“I have been extraordinarily fortunate and did not experience some of the difficult situations that many of my friends and colleagues faced. I am hoping this fund will make a difference for women and other underrepresented groups who are working to build academic careers.”

Mary C. Hill, Ph.D., professor of geology, Lawrence, Kan.

Gift to establish the Mary C. Hill Research Fund for Women in the Sciences

“Study abroad programs that our children enjoyed at KU helped them better understand the art, culture and history of other countries and their citizens. We wanted to help more KU students have similar experiences.”

Dick Woods, bachelor’s in chemistry 1972, and Mary Linna Woods, Parkville, Mo.

Gifts to the Dick and Mary Linna Woods Study Abroad Scholarship