Donor Generosity

In fiscal 2019, donor contributions for the benefit of the University of Kansas and The University of Kansas Health System totaled a record $263.2 million, surpassing the previous year’s amount of $257.4 million. This is the largest total in KU Endowment history.

Our second annual giving day, One Day. One KU., also exceeded 2018’s accomplishments. On Feb. 20, 2019, alumni and friends donated $1,084,062 in 24 hours, exceeding the previous year’s total of $734,621. The effort was fueled by 261 volunteer ambassadors, 88 unique matching and challenge gift opportunities, and 39 participating KU units promoting the day.


Expanding Opportunities

Endowed funds open the door to new possibilities. Donors establish these funds to support talented students, reward acclaimed scholars, launch promising research or provide resources for another purpose of their choice.