Changing Lives Every Day

Planning for the future

Each year, gifts come to KU Endowment that were arranged long in advance, sometimes even decades ago. Many donors find they can create more opportunities than they thought feasible with careful planning of a deferred gift. In fiscal 2019, more than $10 million in new scholarship funds were established through realized gifts from donors’ estates.

These scholarships will open doors and make it possible for students to follow their dreams. Thanks to these contributions, schools across KU’s campuses will now be able to offer additional support for dedicated and passionate students. And all of us will benefit as these students become the next generation of leaders in education, health care, business, research, public service, and the arts and sciences.
Improving construction safety across the country

KU alumnus Craig Martin and his wife, Diane, want to make a difference in the construction industry by improving safety outcomes and productivity. A gift from the couple created the Craig & Diane Martin National Center for Construction Safety in the KU School of Engineering. A civil engineer by education, Craig has devoted his life to the construction and engineering industry.

The center’s multidisciplinary approach will focus on fostering safety cultures, designing and constructing for safety, improving tools and equipment, using automation, cooperating with industry and acting as a safety clearinghouse. It has the opportunity to have a lasting impact on the lives of millions in the construction industry by reducing the number of injuries and deaths.

"The idea of the center came as we began thinking about what was important to us. We want to be involved in creating and sustaining something that truly makes a difference."
—Craig and Diane Martin