Our Members

Hannah Duncan

Hannah Duncan | Emporia, KS

The president serves as the official representative of the Student Endowment Board (SEB). The president conducts all general and executive board meetings and is responsible for overseeing all membership and evaluating the success of SEB activities. The president attends SEB and KU Endowment Association events, as well as campus activities throughout the year.

Kayla Flora

VP Membership

Kayla Flora | Pratt, KS

The vice president of membership conducts new member recruitment and new member experience programs. This position also oversees current membership’s standing in points and records attendance and meeting minutes at SEB meetings.


Liz Saama
VP Communications & Philanthropy 

Liz Saama | Overland Park, KS

The vice president of communications designs and implements social media calendars throughout the year, as well as conducts correspondence from SEB members to the broader KU student body. The VP of Philanthropy coordinates activities related to philanthropy and student giving. This position organizes all ThanKU Day events and Rock Chalk Stop the Clock week.


Adelia Utomo
VP Fundraising 

Adelia Utomo | Jakarta, Indonesia

The vice president of fundraising coordinates activities to raise funds for the Tradition of Excellence Award by serving as the lead for the fundraising events and managing volunteers at the SEB Graduation Fair tabling event.


2020-2021 Members

Seth Duncan
Emporia, KS

Kayla Flora
Pratt, KS
Brenna Flucke
Wichita, KS

Ellen Hancock
Overland Park, KS

Achal Patel
Vadodara, India

Jerusha Rowden
Olathe, KS

Liz Saama
Overland Park, KS

Lydia Schippers
The Woodlands, TX

Charly Wang
Olathe, KS

Savanna Winterman
Overland Park, KS