2021 Chancellors Club Career Teaching and Research Awardees

Mikhail (Misha) BarybinWen-Xing Ding
Chancellors Research Award

Wen-Xing Ding, a scientist at the University of Kansas Medical Center who specializes in research into the mechanisms of degradation and recycling of cells in the liver, is the recipient of the 2021 Chancellors Club Research Award.

Ding, the William Warner Abercrombie Professor in the Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology & Therapeutics at KU Medical Center, has made valuable scientific contributions in the field of liver injury and cell death mechanisms. His research focuses on autophagy-lysosomal pathway, an important cellular recycling process that takes out the harmful “garbage” generated by the cells. That pathway is impaired in alcohol-related liver disease, which is a major health problem and a leading cause for liver disease-related deaths worldwide.


Scott MoserPaul Laird
Chancellors Club Career Teaching Award

Paul Laird, professor of musicology at the University of Kansas, is known as a creative, energetic teacher, his classes filled with movement and music. His enthusiasm and memorable style in large part earned Laird the 2021 Chancellors Club Career Teaching Award. Since joining the KU faculty in 1994, he has gained the admiration and trust of countless students he has taught, mentored and guided through undergraduate, post-graduate and post-doctoral endeavors. Robert Walzel, dean of the School of Music at KU, didn’t hold back when nominating Paul Laird for the award.

“Professor Paul Laird is the single, most outstanding university faculty member I have worked with or otherwise encountered in my 30-year career in higher education,” Walzel wrote in his nomination letter.