Words from our Partners

“The University of Kansas has taken a unique approach to solving many challenges to environmental issues facing the world today. The School of Engineering is working directly with Industry to develop innovative solutions. Partnering with Industry and understanding that successful outcomes for Industry will result in practical solutions for many others is a unique strategy. The Wonderful Company is proud to support this collaborative approach.” 
—Eric Johnson, VP, capital projects at The Wonderful Company

“During my years at the University of Kansas, I not only developed a number of great lifelong relationships, but the education and the mentorship of the professors was instrumental in my professional career. This support is an opportunity for the BKD partners and employees to help make sure future generations of Kansans have the same opportunity we have had.”
—Bill Pickert, managing partner of BKD
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“I am delighted to support the University of Kansas in its mission to educate its students and to encourage engineering and technology innovation. Ensuring a highly-skilled engineering workforce is vital to the future of Garmin, the state of Kansas, and our nation as a whole.”
—Dr. Min Kao, co-founder and executive chairman of Garmin Ltd.
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“We are pleased to commemorate our 50-plus years of success and to honor Howard Nearing with this gift. The income generated by this gift will fund an annual award of excellence for a residential-based design project completed during a fourth-year design studio.”
—Bill Prelogar Jr., co-president, NSPJ
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